Are you ready to accelerate your intuitive skills, and gain confidence and clarity around your life direction? Once upon a time, pre-COVID, I did all of this big teaching work through my in-person Retreats and Workshops. But I can’t see myself going back to big live events any time soon. Last year, missing the Retreat work, I began teaching much more advanced concepts, masterclasses and shamanic meditations to my Inner Circle. It was really well received, and we all enjoyed having the opportunity to work on longer projects and to go deeper with our self-exploration and soul work.

The Inner Circle is an exclusive membership that contains the kind of resources, community and support I wished I had been able to access when I was going through my own spiritual and psychic awakenings. It’s the place I still want to hang out as a highly sensitive soul – surrounded by other people who are intuitive, empathic, kind, compassionate and on their own journeys of self-discovery.

My goal is to support you to develop your own intuitive, empathic and psychic skills, to embrace your natural spirituality, to find space for mindfulness and sacred connection in your everyday life, and to honour your calling, whatever that might be.

There is a wealth of material within the membership, and the resources are growing all the time.


Shamanic Guided Group Meditations - Powerful live guided group meditations, as well as access to the video replays and downloadable audio of the guided meditations for the month.

Fortnightly Book Club – that’s not like a Book Club at all! We use a book as the starting point for shared discussions, and I have to say it has become my favourite thing. A place for profound sharing, vulnerability, tenderness and wisdom about spirituality, intuition, self-development, living as a highly sensitive soul, and life in general. You don’t even need to have read the book to participate!

Monthly Open Office webinar, where you can ask me and my Guides anything about your spiritual and psychic development and the energetic realms

☑ Special live, real-time group energetic events – such as group crystal grid and meditation work that we do together as Lightworkers (you can always catch a replay for these if you can't join live) No experience necessary as I teach you everything you'll need to know with additional lessons, masterclasses and workbooks. Coming together in a group to work like this is powerful and transformative. It will really accelerate your abilities.

VIP treatment, exclusive reading-with-Nicole offers, discounts, access to end-of-year packages of products hand-chosen and personally curated for you by Nicole, and preferential booking when you’re working with Nicole in private sessions. Our Inner Circle members always come first.

Facebook lives and bonus chats in our private Inner Circle Facebook

A wonderful vibrant community of caring, compassionate and like-minded souls

Access to an Inner-Circle-Only yearly channelled webinar series (this is the material I only ever offered at my advanced residential retreats).

Access to our extensive vault of meditations, webinar replays and previous teachings/courses

I’ll be hiking the prices on the Inner Circle soon, but you still have an opportunity to join as a Inner Circle Foundation Member – and as long as you keep your membership active I will lock in your Foundation Price for life. (Ask my original YOMMERS, who joined my fledgling first membership in 2016 and who will only ever pay $18USD a month or $192USD a year as Inner Circle members).

Membership is annual, and right now you can buy your twelve-month membership as a one-time payment of $457USD or pay in monthly installments of $40USD. Once you sign up at this rate your membership will renew at this rate forever as long as you stay a member.

We welcome you to join us.


Want a taste of my work without the financial commitment?


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